Math 8

Welcome to my Common Core Math 8 information page! I'm teaching two sections of eighth grade math at da Vinci this year. I have not taught the exact Common Core Math 8 class in Portland before, but I have taught at least 80% of the material before in other classes, including teaching Algebra several times.

My course syllabus summarizes the topics we will cover this year; materials students need for class; my classwork, homework, and grading policies; and how to contact me or arrange for extra help. Grades will be updated in Synergy (the online gradebook) about once a week, generally on weekends.

Homework will be given out in class on most Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. It will also be listed on Synergy (the online gradebook) and sent out through as phone texts and email messages. You can sign up for by clicking here. I will not see the phone or email information you enter, although I will see your name on the list.

Read about Algebra homework help online, as well as other publisher resources, here. 

Details on my test correction policy are here.

Posts to my weblog that are about Math 8 will have the ccmath8 tag.

My Math Links page has my suggestions for other math and puzzle online sites. I will update these lists as I find more sites, and welcome your suggestions.

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