Ms. Wright's Letter to Families

Dear da Vinci Families,

I am SUPER excited to be teaching math at da Vinci Arts Middle School! This school year, 2014-15, is my first year as a da Vinci teacher.

Before teaching here, I taught math and science part-time at various middle schools and high schools in the Portland area, most recently Math 6 and Physical Science at Sellwood Middle School, Compacted Math 7 at Beach School, Algebra at Irvington and Bridger Schools, and Math 7 and Geometry at Laurelhurst School. Teaching is my second workplace career, following my previous experiences working for a chemistry software company and being a stay-at-home parent to my two sons (both PPS students, now in 9th and 7th grades). I was a math and chemistry double major at Swarthmore College, obtained a master's degree in Physical Chemistry from Columbia University, and got my teaching degree with an Advanced Math endorsement from Lewis & Clark in 2009, adding a Chemistry endorsement in 2011. I believe passionately that all students can thrive and grow as they use math to solve problems and study our world. I also think math is just plain fun, along with Scrabble and cooking. I hope every student of mine this year leaves class sometimes with math that is so fun they can't wait to share it.

I hope you will feel free to contact me with any questions. My email address is (be sure to include the 2). You can also call the school and ask to leave a message for me. I look forward to working with you!

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