Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Math 6: Decimal Games & Practice

(If you're looking for Math 8 Pythagorean Theorem homework, see the post below this!)

Here's a list of places you can practice your skills with decimals. I will keep updating it as I find more sites.

For Math 6 homework due Wednesday 3/4/15, your job is to read this list till you find the instructions for the "crazy word" that will tell me you looked at it. (Don't tell your friends -- make them look themselves so they definitely know how to find my website!)

Fruit Splat/Place Value Decimals: This game is great practice for thinking about place value in decimals and for adding using mental math. It's designed to have several different levels, and you can play in timed mode or "relaxed" mode.
Flower Power: put decimals in order of size -- a nice complicated game (read the directions)
Balloon Pop Decimals Level 1 and Balloon Pop Decimals Level 2: Pop the balloons from smallest decimal to largest. If a balloon won't pop, it's because you haven't found the smallest. Score is based on time, but you can ignore it if you want and still get the practice.
Balloon Pop Decimal Patterns: Pop the balloons that continue a pattern.
Hungry Puppies: add decimals (quick mental math; fun speed challenge, but problems are not terribly complicated)
phschool.com: the textbook company's site (you need the codes from me; ask me or email me); includes online quizzes. Your crazy word is your name backwards! For fractions, decimals, and percents, try any of the Bits and Pieces books' links. Try doing the easier 4 or 5 problems in each quiz without a calculator, and use an online calculator for the others.
Sheppard Software decimal activities: Most of the activities on this list are mainly useful if you're having trouble understanding what decimals mean.
IXL (for-profit site which lets non-members practice a few minutes with standard problems) is SURE to have other decimal practice, but I haven't found the exact links yet. You can probably find something useful by exploring.

Decention: finding equivalent fractions, decimals, and percentages
Fraction/Decimal/Percent Jeopardy: quiz yourself on converting between these. Use "0.3..." for 0.3 with a bar (repeating decimal)
Troy's Toys: prices and percents: find out amounts of discount from percent, or vice versa; you pick the level of difficulty by picking the toys
Balloon Invaders: a good challenge for finding percents FAST! only works if you are quicker with the keyboard than I am!

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